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Address HOTEL DE L'HORLOGE AVIGNON 1-3 rue Félicien David 84000 AVIGNON - France Phone +33 (0) 4 90 16 42 00 E-mail


Avignon, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is also known as the Popes’ City.
A gateway to Provence, it is an ideal starting point for discovering th treasures of the region.
The doors of the Hôtel de l’Horloge, located in Place de l’Horloge, only minutes from the prestigious Popes’ Palace, open onto café terraces, many restaurants and narrow cobbled streets. It is one of the best locations for a 4-star hotel in Avignon city centre.


Avignon has two SNCF train stations: The Avignon Centre train station and the Avignon TGV train station.
The Avignon Centre regional train station is located 1 km away from the hotel (10 minutes).
The Avignon high speed train station is located 8 km away from the hotel (15 minutes).
A shuttle service (€1,60) will take you to the lower end of the Rue de la République.
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The Marseille-Provence international airport is located 80 km from Avignon (1 hour by the A7 motorway).
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The Nîmes -Garons airport is 43km from Avignon (45 minutes by the A9 motorway).
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The Avignon-Caumont airport is 10km from Avignon city centre (20 minutes).
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We recommend the parking of the Palace of the Popes located near the hotel and with which we give you 20% discount. Remember to keep your Télé péage badge away from the car park when you enter, so that it cannot be read by the car park reader! : PARKING PALAIS DES PAPES AVIGNON
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